RRB NTPC - 2016 :: Previous Papers Bits Set-4

RRB NTPC - 2016 :: Previous Papers Bits Set-4
RRB NTPC - 2016 :: Previous Papers Bits Set-4

1. In which of the following organ carbohydrate is stored as glycogen …..
      A. intestine
      B. stomach
      C. liver
      D. pancreas
      Answer:  C

2. Ascorbic acid is
      A. a vitamin
      B. an enzyme
      C. a protein
      D. an amino acid  
      Answer: A

3. Which of the following is used in oven?
      A. X-rays
      B. UV- rays
      C. Microwaves
      D. Radio waves
      Answer: C

4. One of the state through which the Tropic of cancer passes is
      A. Jammu and Kashmir
      B. Himachal Pradesh
      C. Bihar
      D. Jharkhand
      Answer: D

5. On which of the following rivers, the Indo-Pak Bagalaihar project is located?
      A. Chenab
      B. Jhelum
      C. Beas
      D. Sutlej
      Answer: A

6. Computer and Auditor General of India is appointed by
      A. President
      B. Speaker of the Lok sabha
      C. Chairman of planning Commission
      D. Finance minister
      Answer: A

7. Japan’s Parliament is Known As
      A. Diet
      B. Dail
      C. Yuan
      D. Shora
      Answer: A

8. Upanishad are books on
       A. Religion
       B. Yoga
       C. Law
       D. Philosophy
       Answer: D

9. Who is the author of the book ‘A Foreign Policy of India’?
       A. IK Gujral
       B. BG Deshumkh
       C. LK Advani
       D. AJ Toynbee
       Answer: A

10. Organization responsible for maintain Red data Book/ Red List is
       A. WWF
       B. IUCN
       C. IBWL
       D. CITES
       Answer: B

11. SPM Stands For
       A. Standards Particles Material
       B. Suspended Particular Matter
       C. Suspended Particles Material
       D. None of these
       Answer: B

12. Which sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in India?
       A. Transport
       B. Domestic
       C. Agricultural
       D. Electric Power Generation
       Answer: D

13. Potential is measured in
       A. Watt
       B. Joule
       C. Joule/Coulomb
       D. Newton-second
       Answer: C

14. SONAR is based on the principle of
       A. echo
       B. resonance
       C. reverberation
       D. none of these
       Answer: A

15. Electron microscope was invented by
       A. Knoll and Ruska
       B. Robert Koch
       C. Leeuwenhock
       D. CPS Wanson
       Answer: A

16. Optical fibers are based on the phenomena of
       A. Dispersion
       B. interference
       C. Total Internal Reflection
       D. Diffraction
       Answer: C

17. Viruses are   made up of
       A. Protein and Lipids
       B. Nucleic acid and Protein
       C. Lipids and Carbohydrate
       D. Carbohydrate and Nucleic acid
       Answer: B

18. Bat can fly in dark because they
       A. Have strong waves
       B. Have sharp Eyes
       C. Produce ultrasonic waves
       D. Are natural
        Answer: C

19. The world’s most active volcano
       A. Fujiyama
       B. Cotopaxi
       C. Kilaueu
       D. Vesuvius
        Answer: B

20. The River also known as Tsangpo in Tibet is
       A. Ganga
       B. Brahmputra
       C. Indu
       D. Testa
       Answer: B

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