Railway NTPC Exam - 2016: Indian Geography Important Points Part-2

Railway NTPC Exam - 2016: Indian Geography Important Points Part-2
Railway NTPC Exam - 2016: Indian Geography Important Points Part-2

31. The “Shipki Pass” leads from Punjab to Tibet.

32.The Western Ghat is known as “Sahyadri” in Maharashtra. In Tamil Nadu, they form the Nilgiri Hills.

33. “Kaveri” river is known as the “Ganga of the south

34. Lake “Chilka” in Orissa, Kolleru and “Pulicat” in Andhra Pradesh are among the large lakes found in eastern coastal plain.

35.“Andaman and Nicobar” is separated by a deep sea known as “Ten Degree Channel” since it coincides with 100 N latitudes.

36.“Lagoons” are Salt water lakes which are separated from the Sea by the formation of the sand bars along the coast.

37.On April 10, 1991, India’s only volcano erupted in Barren Island in the Andamans after lying dormant for 200  years.

38.Jammu town stands on the Jammu Hills of Siwalik range of South Kashmir Himalayas.

39.Pir Panjal range of Himachal section of Kashmir Himalayas is the origin of thrust faulting and isoclinal folding and is transversed by two passes - the Pir Panjal and Banihal; the later now provides the main gateway to the vale of Kashmir from the Indian Plains.

40.The vale of Kashmir is a synclinal valley, once the bed of a great lake. Kashmir valley is very fertile with capital Srinagar in the heart and several beauty spots like Gulmarg.

41.Dal Lake near Srinagar was carved out of the alluvial deposits of Jhelum.

42.Deosai Basin of Kashmir is an example of ancient cirque lake.

43.Zojila pass of Kashmir Himadri connects the only road to Leh (the capital of Ladakh) from Srinagar.

44.Aksai Chin and Soda plains of Ladakh Plateau are evidences of past glacial action and are dry & bare.

45.Kangra Valley of Punjab Himalayas lies in its potential mineral oil wealth gone.

46.Badrinath, a religious place of Hindu lies in the Himadri range of Kumaon Himalayas.

47.Jelep La pass of Sikkim Himalayas is the main route between Sikkim and the Chumbi Valley.

48.   Darjeeling Range is famous for tea gardens, especially on Tiger Hills.

49.   Cherrapunji Plateau of Khasi Hills is an example of Structural Platforms in India.

50.   Dapha Bum is the highest peak of Mishmi Hills of Purva - NEFA.

51.   Patkai Bum Range forms the watershed between India and Myanmar.

52.   Saramati is the highest peak of Naga range.

53.   Central part of the Manipur Hills is a large basin which appears to be the bed of old lake; a remnant of which occupies the south-east corner of the basin and is known as the “Loktak Lake”.

54.   Southernmost part of the north-eastern range is known as Lushai Hills.

55.   It is the ascending monsoon clouds over the frontal slopes and the side valleys that have made Cherrapunji world famous for rain.

56.   Nokrek is the highest peak of Garo Hills of Meghalaya plateau.

57.   Kazi range, on the northern margin of the Mikir Hills of Meghalaya plateau, has been developed as a sanctuary for wild animals.

58.   Most of the great Northern Plains are composed of alluvium deposits during Middle Pleistocene and recent geological time.

59.   Almost whole of the Western Arid Plain was under sea from the Permo-Carboniferous to the Pleistocene time. It was uplifted during the Pleistocene time.

60.   Western part of Western Arid Plain is sandy and is covered with shifting sand dunes called “DHARIAN”. 

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