Quiz in History For SSC CGl, SSC CHSl, Railway NTPC Exams

1. who was the hindu saint to have as disciple both hindus and muslims?
    A) sri chaitanya
    B) ramanuja
    C) ravidas
    D) namdev
    Answer: A

2. Among the fallowing who was not a proponent of bhakti cult?
    A) nagarjuna
    B) vallabhacharya
    C) tyagaraja
    D) tukaram

3. The shrine of hazarat nizamuddin auliya is situated at
     A) Aligarh
     B) roorkee
     C) delhi
     D) ajmer

4. which one of the following term was used by the sufis for the successor nominated by the teacher of a particular order or silsila?
    A) pir
    B) murid
    C) khalifah
    D) khanqah
     Answer: C

5. which sufi saint’s dargah is at ajmer?
   A) khwaja nizamuddin auliya
   B) khwaja moinuddin chisti
   C) khwaja salim chisti
   D) khwaja qutubuddin bakhtiyar kaki
   Answer: B

6. amir khusrau was born at:?
    A) patti
    B) patiala
    C) patiali
    D) patli
     Answer: C

7. who is believed to have created the raga miyan ki malhar?
     A) tansen
     B) baiju bawara
    C) amir khusrau
    D) swami haridasa
    Answer: A

8. the famous Kohinoor diamond was produced from one of the mines in
     A) Orissa
     B) chhotanagar
     C) bijjapur
     D) Golconda
     Answer: D

9. a renowned jain scholar who was greatly honoured by Akbar was
     A) hemchandra
     B) harivijaya
     C) vastupala
     D) bhadrabahu
     Answer: B

10. where did babur die?
      A) agra
      B) Kabul
      C) Lahore
      D) delhi
      Answer: A

11. dara shikoh finally lost the war of succession to Aurangzeb in the battle of
      A) dharmat
      B) samugarh
      C) deorai
      D) khanua
      Answer: B

12. the  moti masjid in agra was built during the reign of
       A) humayun
       B) shajahan
       C) Aurangzeb
       D) shal alam 2
       Answer: B

13. during the mughal rule,the copper coin was known as
       A) rupee
       B) dam
       C) tanka
       D) shamsi
       Answer: B

14. what was district known as during the mugal administration?
       A) ahar
       B) vishaya
       C) suba
       D) sarkar
       Answer: D

15. who wrote ‘humayunnama’?
       A) abul fazl
       B) faizi
       C) badauni
       D) gulbadan beghum
       Answer: D

16. In shivaji’s council of ministers the prime minister was called
       A) peshwa
       B) sachiv
       C) mantri
       D) sumanta
       Answer: A

17. Shiwaji was crowned in the year
       A) 1664
       B) 1666
       C) 1670
       D) 1674
       Answer: D

18. Shivaji defeated the mughals in the battle of
       A) purnadhar
       B) raigarh
       C) salhar
       D)  shivner
       Answer: C

19. Which one of the following was not a French settlement in India?
       A) Pondicherry
       B) mahe
       C) goa
       D) chandranagar
       Answer: C

20. Where are the traces of Portuguese culture found in india?
      A) goa
     B) Calicut
     C) cannanore
     D) cochin
     Answer: A

21. In French east India company was found in
     A) 1600
     B) 1660
     C) 1664
     D) 1668
    Answer: C

22. The English east India company founded a  permanent factory at surat in the year
       A) 1611
       B) 1613
       C) 1621
       D) 1626
       Answer: B

23. The administration of the English east India company in India came to an end of
       A) 1857
       B) 1858
       C) 1862
       D) 1892
       Answer: B

24. Bombay was acquired by the English from the Portuguese in the year
       A) 1661
       B) 1612
       C) 1600
       D) 1595
       Answer: A

25. Who among the fallowing Europeans were the last to come to pre-independence india as traders?
       A) dutch
       B) English
       C) French
       D) Portuguese

       Answer: C

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