Mixed Quiz In Geography For Railway And SSc CGl, SSC CHSL SSC CPO Exams

1) The Bay of Bengal is located to the of _____ India?
      A)  West
      B)  South
      C)   South-East
      D)  South-West
      Answer : C

2) The highest peak in India______
     A)  Mt. Everest
     B)  Mt. Godwin Austin
     C)   Mt. Kanchenjunga
     D)  Dhaulagiri

3) The source of River Ganga
     A)  Yamunotri
     B)  Siachen
     C)   Gangotri
     D)  Karakoram

4) The Himalayas are known as_____
      A)  Abode of snow
      B)  Volcano
      C)   Sahyadri
     D)  Himadri

5)  India is connected with China, Japan and Australia through the ______
      A)  Palk Strait
      B)  Malaccan Strait
      C)   Berring Strait
      D)  Strait of Gibraltar

6)  India is the _______ largest country in Asia?
      A)  First
      B)  Second
      C)   Third
      D)  Fourth

7)  The Indian Standard Time is ________ ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time.
      A)  5 hrs 30 Min
      B)  6 hrs 30 Min
      C)   7 hrs 30 Min
      D)  8 hrs 30 Min

8)  At the southern tip of the Indian peninsula lies_________.
     A)  Kerala
     B)  Karnataka
     C)   Kanyakumari
     D)  Kavaratti

9)  Indian and Sri Lanka are separated by______.
     A)  Palk Strait
      B)  Tusman Strait
      C)   Berring Strait
      D)  Malaccan Strait

10)  The highest peak Mt. Everest is located in _________.
       A)  Nepal
       B)  Bhutan
       C)   India
       D)  China

11)  India is politically divided into ________.
        A)  30 states 2 union territories
        B)  29 states 3 union territories
        C)   29  states 7 union territories
        D)  27 states 6 union territories

12)  The Coastal area enjoy ___________ Climate.
       A)  Continental
       B)  Equable
       C)   Humid
       D)  Hot

13)  The Place that gets rain from Western disturbance is ________.
        A)  Punjab
        B)  Mumbai
         C)   Allahabad
         D)  Chennai

14)   The Mountains which lie parallel to the direction of the southwest monsoon wind
       A)  Aravalli
       B)  Satpura
       C)   Vindhya
       D)  Maikala Ranga

15)  _______ receives the highest rainfall in India.
       A)  Cherrapunji
       B)  Shillong
       C)   Assam
       D)  Darjeeling

16)  Mawsynram in Cherrapunji receives ______ of rainfall in a year.
        A)  1087 cms
        B)  1187 cms
        C)   1287 cms
        D)  1387 cms

17)  Black Soil is formed from the weathering of _______ rocks.
        A)  Igneous
        B)  Sedimentary
        C)   Metamorphic
        D)  Crystalline

18)  Sunderbans is the Mangrove forest found in______.
        A)  West Bengal
        B)  Tamil Nadu
        C)   Gujarat
        D)  Assam

19)  ’Sholas’ are tropical forests found in ______.
       A)  Satpura
       B)  Nilgiri
       C)   Malkala
       D)  Anaimalai

20)  Resources that can be used or reproduced again and again are _______.
        A)  Unnatural Resources
        B)  Renewable resources
        C)   Non-Renewable resources
        D)  Human resources

21)  The country with the largest population of Muslims is
        A)  Pakistan
        B) Bangladesh
        C) Indonesia
        D)  Saudi Arabia
        Answer: C

22)  Silver is found in
        A) Karnataka
       B) Bihar
       C)  Rajasthan
       D)  Madhya Pradesh
       Answer: A

23)  Arctic region is full of
       A)  water
       B)  ice
       C)  land
       D)  rocks
       Answer: B

24)  Delhi is on the banks of
       A) Tapti
       B)  Ganges
       C)  Sutlej
       D)  Yamuna
       Answer: D

25)  The deepest lake in the world is
        A)  Wular Lake
        B)  Lake Superior
        C)  Victoria Nyanza
        D)  Baikal Lake

       Answer: D

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