Indian Economy Quiz For SSC CGL, SSC CHSL And Railway Ntpc Exams

Indian Economy Quiz For SSC CGL, SSC CHSL And Railway Ntpc Exams
Indian Economy Quiz For SSC CGL, SSC CHSL And Railway Ntpc Exams
1.  Among the tax revenues of the union government, the most important source is:
      A. Income Tax
      B. Corporation Tax
      C. Union excise Tax
      D. Customs Duty
      Answer: C

2. In India , National income is computed by:
     A. Ministry of finance
     B. Central statical Organization
     C. Planning commission of India
     D. Indian Statical Institute
     Answer:  B

3. The Annual financial statement is laid before the two Houses of Parliament is accordance with:
     A. Article 74
     B. Article 112
     C. Article 268
     D. Article 370
     Answer : B

4. Direct Taxation is a better from of taxation because:
     A. It fetches more revenue
     B. it can be more easily collected
     C. it allows for taxation according to means
     D. it has greater tax compliance
     Answer : C

5. Currently,  India’s largest trading partner is:
     A. China
     B. UAE
     C. USA
     D. Bangladesh
     Answer :  A

6. The function and powers of the center and the states are laid down in the Constitution in:
     A. Article 113
     B. Article 51
     C. Article 240
     D. Article 246
     Answer :  D

7. Which of the following is not an objective of the Monterey policy of RBI?
    A. Boost economic development
    B. Direct credit in desirable
    C. Control inflationary pressure
    D. Ensure social justice
    Answer : D

8. Open market operation of RBI refers to:
     A. buying and selling of shares
     B. auctioning of foreign exchange
     C. trading in securities
     D. transaction in gold
     Answer : C

9. The Eastern dedicated freight corridor being built by Indian Railway will connect:
     A. Panipat and Allahabad
     B. Rajkot and Bhubaneswar
     C. Jawaharlal Nehru port and Tuglakabad
     D. Ludhiana and Sonnagar
     Answer : D

 10. The commissioner of Rail Safety is under the administrative control of:
      A. Ministry of Civil Aviation
      B. Cabinet Secretariat
      C. Ministry of Railways
      D. Ministry of Surface Transport
      Answer : A

11. National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) deals with:
     A. bearer bonds
     B. GDRs
     C. electronics shares
     D. debentures
     Answer : C

12. GNP is different from GDP as the former includes
     A. export income
     B. indirect taxes
     C. depreciation
     D. net income from abroad
     Answer : D

13. Which unit of valuation is known as “paper gold”?
      A. Eurodollar
      B. Petrodollar
     C. SDR
     D. GDR
     Answer : C

14. What is the “%” of India’s population to the world population?
      A. 6 %
      B. 17.5 %
      C. 26 %
      D. 36 %
      Answer : B

15. Which year is known as ‘Yearof the Great Divide’ with regard to population growth in India?
      A. 1921
      B. 1947
      C. 1951
      D. None of the above
      Answer :  A

16. The maximum number of people in India work in the:
      A. primary sector
      B. secondary sector
      C. Tertiary sector
      D. none of the above
      Answer :  A

17. Structural unemployment arises due to:
      A. deflationary conditions
      B. heavy industry bias
      C. shortage of raw materials
      D. inadequate productive capacity
      Answer :  D

18. The country which had the first official family planning pro gramme was:
      A. USA
      B. India
      C. Sweden
      D. China
      Answer :  B

19. A Country, which has successfully introduced financial discipline through a Fiscal Responsibility Act, is
      A. Thailand
      B. Mexico
      C. New Zealand
      D. Singapore
      Answer :  C

20. World Investment Report is an annual publication of
     A. UNCTAD
     B. World Bank
     C. WTO
     D. IMF  
     Answer : A

21. Panchayati Raj institutions are intended to strengthen:
     A. indicative planning
     B. multi level planning
     C. structural planning
     D. functional planning
      Answer : B

22. Three states which had HDI higher than China:
     A. Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and kerala
     B. Haryana, punjab and Maharashtra
     C. Kerala, Punjab and Maharashtra
     D. Gujarat, Maharashtra and Kerala
     Answer : C

23. National income is arrived  at by adding to Net DomesticProduct:
      A. depreciation
      B. net inflow from aboard
      C. indirect taxes
      D. subsides
      Answer : B

24. Permanent settlement was a feature of
      A. Zamindari system
      B. Mahalwari system
      C. Ryotwari system
      D. None of these
      Answer : A

25. At the present rate of growth of population India is expected to overtake China by:
       A. 2045
       B. 2015
       C. 2025
       D. 2035

       Answer : A

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