History Quiz For SSC CGL, SSC CHSL And Railway Exams

History Quiz For SSC CGL, SSC CHSL And Railway Exams
History Quiz For SSC CGL, SSC CHSL And Railway Exams
    1. In which of the following cities is charminar situated?
 A) Mysore
 B) Rajkot
 C) Hyderebad
 D) Lucknow
 Answer: C

    2. The meaning of word bantai during medieval perod was?
A) Religion tax
B) System of calculating revenue
C) Wealth tax
D) Property tax
Answer: B

    3. The clan of rajputs who ruled the princely state of jaipur was
A) Sisodiyas
B) Kachhawahas
C) Rathors
D) Hadas
Answer: B

    4. To which school of painting bani thani was related?
A) Bundi school
B) Kishangarh school
C) Chawand School
D) Jaipur school
Answer: B

    5. Khalsa was founded by
A) Guru Gobind singh
B) Guru Ramdas
C) Guru Nanak
D) Guru Arjun dev
Answer: A

    6. Which was the birth place of Guru Nanak?
A) Gurdaspur
B) Amritsar
C) Lahore
D) Talwandi
Answer: D

    7. In which of the following years, the battle of buxar was fought?
A) 1764
B) 1766
C) 1767
D) 1761
Answer: A

    8. Tipu sultan died fighting the English forces under
A) Lord Cornwallis
B) Lord Wellesley
C) Lord Dalhousie
D) Lord Hastings
Answer: B

    9. Who founded independent sultanate of Bengal?
A) Ilias shah
B) Murshid quli khan
C) Hussain
D) Alivardi khan
Answer: B

    10. Who converted Sikhs into a martial race?
A) Arjun dev
B) Gobind singh
C) Hargobind
D) Teg bahadur
Answer: B

    11. Who founded Sikhism?
A) Gobind singh
B) Ramdas
C) Nanak
D) Hargobind
Answer: C

    12. What was the first cotton mill in India established?
A) Surat
B) Mumbai
C) Ahmedabad
D) Coimbatore
Answer: B

    13. The first railway line was opened in the year
A) 1833
B) 1853
C) 1857
D) 1861
Answer: B

    14. Who was associated with ryotwari settlement of madras?
A) Malcom
B) Metcalfe
C) Munro
D) Elphinstone
Answer: C

    15. The mohemmadan anglo-oriental college of Aligarh was founded by
A) Md.ali Jinnah
B) Mohammad ali
C) Shaukat ali
D) Sir Syed Ahmed khan
Answer: D

    16. The 19th century reawakening in India was confined to the
A) Priestly class
B) Upper middle class
C) Rich peasantry
D) Urban landlords
Answer: B

    17. Where was first madarasa set up by the British in India?
A) Madras
B) Bombay
C) Aligarh
D) Calcutta
Answer: D

    18. Who was the founder of prarthana samaj?
A) Raja rams mohan Roy
B) Debendranath Tagore
C) Atmaram pandurang
D) Dayanand saraswati
Answer: C

    19. Who initiated regeneration of Indian Muslims in the 19 Th centuries?
A) Syed ahmed khan
B) Nawab salimullah
C) Badshah khan
D) Abdul kalam azad
Answer: A  

         20. The sepoy mutiny took place in the year
             A) 1757    
             B) 1761
             C) 1836
             D) 1857
              Answer:  D

         21. The modern historian who called the revolt of 1857 as the first war of independent was 
              A) R.C.Majumdar
              B) S.N.Sen
              C) V.D.Savarkar
              D) Ashok Mehta
              Answer: C

         22.  India war of independence 1857 is written by
             A) S.N.Sen
             B) R.C.Majumdar
             C) V.D.Savarkar
             D) S.B.Chaudhari
             Answer: C

         23. Where was the first session of Indian national congress held?
             A) Calcutta
             B) Bombay
             C) Ahmedabad
             D) Allahabad
             Answer: B

         24. When was founded the Indian association?
             A) 1876
             B) 1884
             C) 1887
             D) 1890
             Answer: A

         25. Who was the first women president of Indian national congress?
             A) Sarijin Naidu
             B) Sucheta kripalani
             C) Rajakmari amrit kaur
             D) Annie Besant


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