General Studies Quiz For SSC CGL, RRB ASM,Goods Guard Exams

General Studies Quiz For SSC CGL, RRB ASM,Goods Guard Exams
General Studies Quiz For SSC CGL, RRB ASM,Goods Guard Exams

             1.     Which is the closest star to earth?
A)    Sirius
B)    Sun
C)    Rigel
D)    Deneb
Answer: B

            2.     Who was the first European to designate aryanasarace?
A)    William jones
B)    H.H.Wilson
C)    Max muller
D)    General Cunningham
Answer: C

            3.     Which of the following exercised the most profound influence in framing the Indian constitution?
A)    British constitution
B)    Us constitution
C)    Irish constitution
D)    The government of india act, 1935
Answer: D

             4.     The term mixed economy denoted?
A)    Existence of both rural and urban sectors
B)    Existence of both private and public sectors
C)    Existence of both heavy and small industries
D)    Existence of both developed and underdeveloped sectors
Answer: B

             5.     The summer and winter seasons in a year are caused by?
A)    Aphelion (father) and perihelion (nearest) positions of the earth fro the sun during the annual revolution
B)    Rotation in solar insolation
C)    Variation in solar insolation
D)    Revolution of the earth on its inclied axis
Answer: D

             6.     The staple food of the vedic Aryan was?
A)    Barley and rice
B)    Milk and its products
C)    Rice and pulses
D)    Vegetables and fruits
Answer: B

             7.     By virtue of which act, diarchy was introduced in India?
A)    Indian council act,1909
B)    Government of india act,1919
C)    Government of india act, 1935
D)    Indian independence act,1947
Answer: B

             8.     The dual economy is a mixture of?
A)    Traditional agriculture sector and modern industrial sector
B)    Industrial sector and manufacturing sector
C)    State ownership of the means of production in corporation of foreign organization
D)    Industrial sector and trading of goods obtained through imports
E)    None of these
Answer: A

             9.    Which among the following planets is smaller in size than the earth?
A)    Neptune
B)    Venus
C)    Saturn
D)    Uranus
Answer: A

             10.  The battle of Mahabharata is believed to have been fought at kurukshetra for?
A)    14 days
B)    16 days
C)    18 days
D)    20 days
Answer: C

            11.  The instrument of instructions contained in the government of india act,1935 has been incorporated in the constitution of india in the year 1950 as?
A)    Fundamental rights
B)    Directive principles of the state policy
C)    Fundamental duties
D)    Emergency provisions
Answer: D

             12.  The monopoly of Indian trade of the east india company was abolished by the?
A)    Regulating act, 1773
B)    Charter act, 1813
C)    Charter act, 1833
D)    Government of india act, 1858
Answer: B

             13.  Advanced sunrise and delayed sun-set found in the sky are due to the phenomenon of?
A)    Diffraction of sunlight
B)    Refraction of sunlight
C)    Scattering of sunlight
D)    Total internal reflection of sun-light
Answer: C

            14.  Who among the following wrote Sanskrit grammar?
A)    Kalidasa
B)    Charaka
C)    Panini
D)    aryabhatt
Answer: C

             15.  The first attempt to introduce a representative and popular element in the governance of india was made through?
A)    Indian council act,1861
B)    Indian council act,1892
C)    Indian council act,1909
D)    Government of india act,1919
Answer: A

            16.  In an economy, the sectors are classified into public and private on the basis of?
A)    Employment condition
B)    Nature of economic activities
C)    Ownership of enterprises
D)    Use of raw materials
Answer: C

            17.  The circle of illumination divides earth into two hemispheres known as?
A)    East and west
B)    North and south
C)    Day and night
D)    Summer and winter
Answer: B

            18.  Which river has no mention in rigaveda?
A)    Sindhu
B)    Saraswati
C)    Yamuna
D)    Periyar
Answer: D

            19.  The government of india act, 1935 was based on?
A)    The principle of federation and parliamentary system
B)    The principle of succession of the British Indian provinces
C)    Acceptance of the idea of a constituent assembly to draft a constitution
Answer: A

            20.  Which sector of Indian economy has shown remarkable expansion during the last decade?
A)    Primary sector
B)    Secondary sector
C)    Tertiary sector
D)    Mining sector
Answer: C

            21.  Which of the following is the major impact of vedic culture on Indian history?
A)    Progress of philosophy
B)    Development of culture
C)    Rigidification of caste system
D)    Perception of a new world
Answer: C

            22.  When development in economy takes place, the share of tertiary sector in national income?
A)    First falls and the rises
B)    First rises and then falls
C)    Keeps on increasing
D)    Remains constant
Answer: C

            23.  Which planet was named after the roman god zeus?
A)    Mars
B)    Earth
C)    Venus
D)    Jupiter
Answer: D

            24.  Which of the following is the farthest planet to the sun?
A)    Mars
B)    Jupiter
C)    Neptune
D)    Earth
Answer: C

            25.  It will be true to classify india as?
A)    A food – deficit economy
B)    A labour – surplus economy
C)    A trade – surplus economy
D)    A capital – surplus economy
Answer: B

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