General Knowledge Quiz For SSC CGL, SSC CHSl And Railway Exams

General Knowledge Quiz For SSC CGL, SSC CHSl And Railway Exams  
1. Which one of the following is the central theme of “The Communist Manifesto” written by Marx and Engels?
     A. Tools of Production
     B. Theory of State
     C. Abolition of State
     D. Class Struggle
     Answer: D

2. Who is author of One Night @the Call Center?
     A. Vikram seth
     B. Chetan Bhagat
     C. Anurag mathur
     D. Robin Sharma
     Answer: B

3. Which one of the following contains powerful oxidative enzymes and helps in removing toxic substances from cells?
    A. Plastids
    B. Lysosomes
    C. Dictyosomes
    D. peroxisomes
    Answer: D

4. Which one of the following a development expenditure?
     A. Irrigation expenditure
     B. Civil adminstaration
     C. Debt services
     D. Grant-in-Aid
     Answer:  A

5. Which one of the following National highways links Jabalpur, Nagapur, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Madurai?
     A. NH5
     B. NH7
     C. NH9
     D. NH11
     Answer:  B

6. Which one of the follwing enzymes is found in human saliva?
     A. Pepsin
     B. Ptyalin
     C. Renin
     D. Erepsin
     Answer: B

        7. who among the following was not a noble under alauddin khalji?
     A) ainulmulk multani
     B) afar khan
    C) nusrat khan
    D) munim khan
    Answer: D

8. Who was the first ruler of the slave dynasty?
    A) qutubuddin
    B) iltutmish
    C) razia
    D) balban
    Answer: A

9. Which one of the contrebutes the maximum earning in Indian Railways?
     A. passenger earning
     B. Goods traffic earning
     C. Sunday earning
     D. All Of the Above

10. Which one of the following glands produce insulin in human body?
     A. Liver
     B. Pancreas
     C. Spleen
     D. Pituitary
     Answer: B

11. Which one of the following is a hereditary disease?
      A. Cataract
      B. Haemophilia
      C. Pellagra
      D. Osteoporosis
      Answer: B 

12. Who of the fallowing was the first woman ruler of medieval india?
      A)razia sultan
      B)chand bibi
      Answer: A

       13. Who was the last ruler of the tughlaq dynasty of the delhi sultanate?
      A) firoz shah tughlaq
      B) ghiyasuddin tughlaq2
      C) Mahmud shah tughlaq
      D) nasarat shah
      Answer: C

       14. The rulers of vijayanagar promoted
      A)hindi,Marathi,and Sanskrit
      B)Malayalam,tamil,and Sanskrit
      C)tamil,telugu,and Sanskrit
      D)telugu,urdu,and Sanskrit

       15. Bijapur is known for its
      A) heavy rainfall
      B) rock temple
     C) gol gumbaj
     D) state of gomateshwara
    Answer: C

16. What is the the number of neutral points for a bar magnet with its North pole pointing geographical North?
     A. Zero
     B. One
     C. Two
     D. Infinite
    Answer: C

17. Who among the follwing decides whether a bill is a money Bill or Not?
      A. union Finance Minster
      B. Speakar of Lok Sabha
      C. Union minster of Parliamentary
      D. President of India
      Answer:  B

18. Which amongst  the folowing is nearest to the Sun?
      A. Earth
      B. Mars
      C. Mercury
      D. Venus
      Answer:  C

19. Disciples of which one of the leaders in Bengal during the Indian freedom struggle were called Young Bengal?
      A. Keshab Chandra Sen
      B. Henry Derozio
      C. Surendra Nath Banerjee
      D. Madhusudan Datta
      Answer:  B 

20. Which one of the following body estimation national income in India?
      A. RBI
      B. Planning Comission
      C. Finance commission
      D. Central Statistical organisation
      Answer: D

21. Who introduced HYV varieties of seed in India?
      A. Jl Nehru
      B. Mahalanobis
      C. N. Borlaug
      D. V. Kurien
      Answer: C

22. Which one of the follwing experiences the least annual range of temperature?
       A. Equator
       B. Tropic of cancer
       C. Tropic of Capricom
       D. Arctic Circle
       Answer:  A

23. Among the follwing who was the earlist vistor to India?
      A. Alberuni
      B. Fa-Hien
      C. Hieun- Tsang
      D. Megasthanes
      Answer:  D

24. The King Pulakesin II belonged to which Dynasty?
      A. Choias
      B. Cheras
      C. Chalukyas
      D. Chedis
      Answer: D

25. The river Son Is a Tributary of Which Dynasty?
      A. Ganga
      B. Yamuna
      C. Narmada
      D. Mahanadi
      Answer:  C  

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