RRB NTPC(ASM,Goods Guard,TA,CA) EXAM-2016: Mock Test -1

RRB NTPC(ASM,Goods Guard,TA,CA) EXAM-2016: Mock Test -1
RRB NTPC(ASM,Goods Guard,TA,CA) EXAM-2016: Mock Test -1
        1. Who discovered the solar system?
             A)  Copernicus
             B)  Kepler
             C)  Aryabhatta
             D)  Newton
         2. How many kilometers and represented by 1 degree of latitude?
             A)  321 km
             B)  211 km
             C)  111 km
             D)  91 km

         3. The average distance from the sun to earth is?
              A)  50mkm
              B)  57.8 million km
              C)  227.9 mkm
              D)  778.2 mkm
        4. In which language was the shrimad bhagavad gita originally written?
             A)  Sanskrit
             B)  Apabhramsa
             C)  Prakrit
              D)  Pali

        5. The hymns of rigaveda are the work of?
             A)  One author
             B)  Four author
             C)  Seven author
             D)  Many author

        6. The government of india has decided to declare which of the following rivers  as national river?
            A)  Ganga
            B)  Yamuna
            C)  Kaveri
            D)  Brahamaputra

        7.  Consider the following with reference to the provisions of government of india act,1935?
        1)  Establishment of an all-indian federation
        2)  Provincial autonomy, with a government responsible to an elected legislature
        3)  Redistribution of provinces and the creation of two new provinces

         Which of these were embodied in the government of india act, 1935?
            A)  1,2 and 3
            B)  1 and 2 
            C)  2 and 3
            D)  1 and 3

        8. Which reference to the colonial period of India, the trade monopoly of the east india company was             ended by?
             A) The regulating act of 1773
             B) Pitt’s india act of 1784
             C) The charter act of 1813
             D) The charter act of 1833

        9. Consider the following statements with reference to the provisions of morley-minto reform act in the          colonial India?
        1) The morley-minto reform act raised the number of additional number of the central legislature
        2) It introduced the principle of communal representation in the legislature  
        3) It empowered the legislation to discuss the budget and to move resolutions on it

          Which of these statements are correct?
             A) 1 and 2 
             B) 2 and 3
             C) 1,2 and 3
             D) 1 and 3

        10. In india, planned economy is based on?
             A)  Gandhian system
             B)  Socialist system  
             C)  Capitalist system
             D)  Mixed economy system

        11. Economic liberalisation in india started with?
          A)  Substantial changes in industrial licensing policy
          B)  The convertibility of Indian rupee
          C)  Doing away with procedural formalities for foreign direct investment
          D)  Significant reduction in tax rates

       12. Which one of the following is present in the largest amount in terms of percent by mass in the                  earth’s crust?
             A)  Silicon
             B)  Oxygen
             C)  Carbon
             D)  Calcium

       13. The scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves round the sun was?
             A)  Newton
             B)  Dalton
             C)  Copernicus
             D)  Einstein
       14. Variations in the length of daytime and nighttime from season to season are due to?
             A)  The earth’s rotation on its axis
             B)  The earth’s revolution round the sun in an elliptical manner
             C)  Latitudinal position of the place
             D)  Revolution of the earth on a tilted axis

       15. Patanjali is well-known for the compilation of?  
            A)  Yoga sutra
            B)  Panchatantra
            C)  Brahma sutra
            D)  Ayurveda

       16. The god who is the most prominent in rigaveda is?
             A) Indra
             B) Agni
             C) Pasupati
             D) Vishnu

       17. The rigvedic god varuna was?
             A) Harbinger of peace
             B) Destroyer of foes
             C) Guardian of the cosmic order
             D) God of prosperity

       18. The first definite step to provide parliamentary control over east india company was taken by
             A) The regulation act, 1773
             B) The pitt’s india act, 1784
             C) The charter act of 1793
             D) The charter act of 1813

        19.The montague -chelmsford report formed the basis of?
             A) The Indian council act, 1909
             B) The government of india act, 1919
             C) The government of india act, 1919
             D) The government of india act,1947

       20.  Through which one of the following were commercial activities of the east india company finally put to an end?
             A) The charter act of 1793
             B) The charter act of 1813
             C) The charter act of 1833
             D) The charter act of 1853

       21. A firm sells new shares worth $ 1000 direct to individuals this transaction will cause?
            A)  Gross national product to rise by $ 1000
            B)  Gross domestic product to rise by $ 1000
            C)  National income to rise by $ 1000
            D)  No impact on gross national product
       22.  Which is not included in the private income arising in a country?
             A) Factor income from net domestic product
             B) Net factor income from abroad
             C)  Current transfers from government
             D)  Current payments on foreign loans
       23. What is the time taken by the earth to complete one rotation on its imaginary axis?
             A) 24 hr 37 min 23 sec
             B) 24 hr
             C) 23 hr 56 min 4 sec
             D) 23 hr 52 min

       24. The tropic of cancer does not pass through?
             A) India
             B) Egypt
             C) Mexico
             D) Iran

       25. How does the sun get its energy?
            A)  From gravitational pressure
            B)  From nuclear fusion
            C)  From nuclear fission
            D)  None of the above

       26. Nivi,paridhan and adhivasa were the?
            A)  Different types of garments of the Aryans
            B)  Government officials of the Aryan kings
            C)  Tribal people of ancient Indians
            D)  Musical instrument of ancient Indians
       27. Panini, the first grammarian of Sanskrit language in india, lived during the?
            A)  2nd century BC
            B)  6TH-5TH century BC
            C)  2nd century AD
            D)  5TH-6th century AD

      28. The words satyameva jayate in the state emblem of india have been adopted from which one of the   following?
            A)  Mundak Upanishad
            B)  Brahma Upanishad
            C)  Mudgala Upanishad
            D)  Maitreyi upnishad

      29. Which of the following vested the secretary of state for india with supreme control over the                         government of of india?
            A)  Pitt’s india act, 1784
            B)  Government of india act, 1858
            C)  Indian council act, 1861
            D)  Morley – minto reforms, 1909

       30. Diarchy was first introduced under?
            A)  Morley-minto reforms
            B)  Mont-ford reforms
            C)  Simon commission plan
            D)  Government of india act, 1935

       31. In the federation under the act of 1935 residuary powers were given to the?
            A)  Federal legislature
            B)  Provincial legislature
            C)  Governor general
            D)  Provincial governor

       32. in India, agriculture income is calculated by?
            A) Output method
            B) Input method
            C) Expenditure method
            D) Commodity flow method

       33. Who coined the term hindu rate of growth for Indian economy?
            A) A.K.Sen
            B) Kirit S.Parikh
            C) Raj Krishna
            D) Montek singh ahluwalia

       34. Tides are complied and they vary from place to place because of?
             A) The movement of moon in relation to earth
             B) Uneven distribution of water over the globe
             C) Irregularities in the configuration of oceans
             D) All of the above

       35. Upanishad are books on?
             A) Religion
             B) Yoga
             C) Law
             D) Philosophy

       36.The expounder of yoga philosophy was?
            A) Patanjali
            B) Gautam
            C) Jaimini
            D) Sankaracharya

        37.The Indian legislature was made bi-cameral for the first time by?
             A) Indian council act of 1892
             B) Indian council act of 1909
             C) The government of india act of 1919
             D) The government of india act of 1935

        38. Which of the following is correct?
             A)  The Nehru report (1928) had advocated the inclusion of fundamental rights in the constitution of india
             B) The government of india act, 1935 referred to fundamental rights
             C) The august offer, 1940 included the fundamental rights
             D) The cripps mission, 1942 referred to fundamental rights

        39. GDP at factor cost is?
             A) GDP minus indirect taxes plus subsidies
             B) GNP minus depreciation allowances
            C) NNP plus depreciation allowances
            D) GDP minus subsidies plus indirect taxes

        40. Which of the following is the lightest metal ? 
              A. Mercury
              B. Silver
              C. Lithium
              D. Lead

        41. Stainless steel is an alloy of —
              A. Iron, Carbon and Nickel
              B. Iron and Manganese
              C. Iron, Chromium and Zinc
              D. Iron, Chromium and Nickel

        42. the most important ore of Aluminium is —
              A. Bauxite
              B. Calamine
              C. Calcite
              D. Galena

        43. Water has maximum density at —
              A. –4°C
              B. 0°C
              C. 4°C
              D. 100°C

        44. What is laughing gas ?
             A.  Carbon dioxide
             B.  Sulphur dioxide
             C.  Nitrogen Dioxide
             D.  Nitrous oxide

        45. Which of the following is used in beauty parlours for hair setting ?
             A. Phosphorus
             B. Sulphur
             C. Chlorine
             D. Silicon

       46. The chemial name of Uria is —
            A. Aneurin
            B. Chloroetane
            C. Carbamide
            D. None of these

       47. Gobar gas contains mainly —
            A. Methane
            B. Carbon dioxide
            C. Butane
            D. Carbon Monoxide

       48. The gases used in different types of welding would include —
             A.Oxygen & Hydrogen
             B.Oxygen, acetylene & argon
             C.Oxygen & acetylene
             D.Oxygen, hydrogen & nitrogen

       49. German Silver is an alloy of —
            A. Copper, Silver & Nickel
            B. Silver, Copper & Aluminium
            C. Zinc, Copper & Nickel
            D. Silver, Zinc & Nickel
       50. Heavy water is —
            A. Tritium oxide
            B. Deuterium oxide
            C. Rain water
            D. Water at 4°C

       51. A number when divided by 105 leaves 99 as remainder. What will be the remainder if the number is  divided by 21?
             A. 99
             B. 14
             C. 20
             D. none of these

        52. What decimal fraction of 0.3 metres is 6 centimetres?
             A. 0.2
             B. 1.2
             C. 0.18
             D. 0.02

        53. Find the least number which when divided by 8,9,12,15 leave the remainder 1.
             A. 359
             B. 181
             C. 179
             D. 361

        54. If thre times of a number is greater than 3/5th of it by 60, what is number?
             A. 25
             B. 20
             C. 30
             D. 60

        55. What is single discount is equal to two succesive discounts of 10% and 15%?
             A. 20 %
             B. 40 %
             C. 23.5 %
             D. 30 %

        56. Which of the following multiplers will causes a number to increase it by 17 %
             A. 11.7
             B. 1.17
             C. 117
             D. 0.117

        57. If half of the distance to be covered  in twice the time, what will be the ratio of the new speed to the  original one?
              A. 1 : 4
              B. 1 : 2
              C. 2 : 1
              D. 4 : 1
        58. Divide RS. 1,200 in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 3.
              A. 300,350,450
              B. 200,400,600
              C. 300,400,500
              D. 100,250,300  
        59. A man buys a bycycle for Rs. 330 after receving 12 % discount. What is the marked price?
             A. RS. 375
             B. RS. 380
             C. Rs. 369.60
             D. Rs. 342
        60. If 12 men can finish a work in 20 days, then in how many days 15 men will compleate that work?
              A. 15
              B. 12
              C. 16
              D. 20

        61. A and B can finish a work in 16 days while A alone can do the same work in 24 days. Therefore, B  alone can finish it in:
              A. 36 days
              B. 24 days
              C. 48 days
              D. 56 days

        62. A train 250 metres long passes a pole in 12 seconds. Then the speed of train is:
              A. 25 km/hr
              B. 68 km/hr
              C. 72 km/ hr
              D. 75 km/ hr

        63. A train 220 metres long takes 20 seconds to cross a platfrom 280 meters long. What is the speed of the train?
             A. 39.6 kmph
             B. 90 kmph
             C. 50.4 kmph
             D. 48 kmph

         64. Simple interst on Rs. 200 at 5 % nper annum for 2 years 6 months?
              A. Rs. 12.5
              B. Rs. 15
              C. Rs. 20
              D. Rs. 30

        65. Find the differnce between Compound Interest and Simple Interest on Rs. 1,00 in 3 Years at 10 % yearly?
              A. Rs. 331
              B. Rs. 441
              C. Rs. 341
              D. Rs. 300

        66. The average of first 3 numbers is 7 and average of first two members is 5. What is the third number?
              A. 11
              B. 7
              C. 3
              D. 6

       67. The average of three numbers is 77. The first number is double the second, the second is double the third. The numbers are:
             A. 22,44,88
             B. 24,48,96
             C. 33,66,132
             D. 35,70,140

        68.The base of a triangle is 4 cm and height 5 cm: the area of the triangle will be:
             A. 20 Sq.cm
             B.  20 cm
             C.  10 Sq. cm.
             D. 10 cms

        69. The length, breadth and height of a brick is 10 cm 4 cm and 3 cm. what is its surface area?
             A. 84 Cm2
             B. 124 cm2
             C. 164 cm2
             D. 180 cm2

        70.The volume of a cube is 216 cubic metres, its side will be:
             A. 16 met
             B. 6 met
             C. 26 met
             D. 32 met

        71. Which of the folowing numbers will apper in the series?
             6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, ………..
             A.  2700
             B.  2610
             C.  2613
             D.  60
        72. Find thesum of all the numbers lying between 310 and 325.
             A. 5080
             B. 4755
             C. 4770
             D. 4445
        73. The semi- circumference of a circle with diameter 28 will be:
             A. 88 cm
             B. 44 cm
             C. 102 cm
             D. 176 cm

        74. 2, 5, 12, 27, 58, ?
         A. 73
         B. 91
         C. 116
         D. 121

        75.Side of a square is always the square root of its:
             A. Volume
             B. perimeter
             C. Circumference
             D. Area

        76.Cunning : Fox :: Foolish : ?
            A. Elephant
            B. Hare
            C. Tiger
            D. Ass

        77.Coconut: Shell :: Letter: ?
            A. Enevelope
            B. post
            C. Post stamp
            D. Letter Box

        78.As ‘Heart’ is related to ‘Blood’, similary ‘Lungs’ are related to …………
            A. Oxygen
            B. Chest
            C. Air
            D. Breathing
        79.As ‘NET’ is related to ‘13227’, similarly ‘YAM’ is related to …………………..
             A. 25113
             B. 22614
             C. 14520
             D. None of the  above

        80. When : Where :: Time : ?
             A. Logic
             B. rection
             C. Place
             D. Clock
        Direction (81-85): Some letters are missing in the following series . The missing letters are given in the  proper sequence as one of the aleternatives among the four given below.
            A. bacb
            B. acba
            C. abba
            D. caba

        82. ab_aa_bbb_aaa_bbba
            A. abba
            B. acba
            C. aaab
            D. abab

        83. bc_c_c_c_ccb
            A. cbcb
            D. bcbc

        84. abb_baa_a_bab_aba
            A. abba
            B. abab
            C. ccac
            D. aabb
        85. abca_bcaab_aa_caa_c
            A. ccaa
            B. acbb
            D. abba

        86. In acertain code ‘GOLDEN’ is written as ‘ODNGLE’. How would ‘STUDENT’ be written in that code?
             A. UDENTST
             B. DENTSUT
             C. TSDUNET
             D. TSUDENT
       87. If 1 is coded as F, 2 as P, 3 as X, 4 as Z, 5 as B, 6 as W, 7 as L, 8 as U and 9 as D. how would 853417 be coded in that code?
             A. UBDXZF
             B. UBXDFL
             C. UBXZFL
             D. UDXZFL
       88. Five persons are sitting ina row. Traak is to the right of John. Murali is to the left of John but to the right of Lalit. If Tarak is to the left of Khurshid who is at the extreme left?
              A. John
              B. Tarak
              C. Lalit
              D. Khurshid

       89. Pointing Jayesh Radha said, “Her sister is my monther’s only daughter.” How is radha related to Jayesh?
            A. Mother
            B. Daughter
            C. Cosin
            D. Sister

       90. Daughter of the only son of the father of my father’s sister is to me………
            A. Niece
            B. Sister
            C. Aunt
            D. Cousin sister

      91. If the 1st and 6th letters of the word ‘PHOTOGRAPH’ are interchanged, also 2nd and 7th letters, and so on, which of the following would be the 4th letter from your right?
            A. H
            B. P
            C. O
            D. T

      92. In the following alphabet which is the 6t h letter from the left of 14 th letter from the right?
           A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
           A.  G
           B.  U
           C.  F
           D.  T
      93. If by looking in a mirror it appears that it is 9 : 30 in the clock, what is the real time?
            A. 4 : 30
            B. 6 : 30
            C. 2 : 30
            D. 6 : 10

      94. Two dice are thrown simultaneously. What is the probability of getting two numbers whose product       is even?
             A. 3/16
             B. 1/8
             C. 3/4
             D. 1/2

      95. In a group of 40 girls, when latha was shifted by 4 places towards her right, then she become 12th from the left end what was her earlier position from the right end of the row?
             A. 34
             B. 32
             C.  33
             D. 35

      96. In a group of 40 boys, Raju is 12th from the left end and Raghu is 17th from the right end. If Dilip is  placed exactly between them what is his right hand rank?
            A. 22
            B. 23
            C. 24
            D. 25

      97. In the Evening time Rekha is walking on the ground If her shadow is towards right then what is the           facing direction of Rekha?
            A. North
            B.  South
            C. East
            D. West

    98. In the morning time, 2 persons A and B are talking to each other, standing in a straight line in a ground. If A’s shadow direction is to the left of B. What is the face direction of B?
            A. north
            B. south
            C. east
            D. west

      99. GH, JL, NQ, SW, YD, ?
            A. EJ                
            B. FJ                

     100. pointing to a man, another man said to a lady, “”His mother is the only daughter of your father.”         How is the lady related to the man?
            A. Sister         
            B. Mother     
            C. Wife                           
            D. Daughter


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