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             1.   As ‘Face ’ is related to ‘Expression’ , similarly ‘Hand’ is relaterd to …………………
A.      Signal
B.      Work
C.       Shaking hand
D.      Direction
Answer :  (A)

             2.   As ‘KOPT’ is related to ‘AEFJ’, similary ‘QUVZ’ Is related to ………………
A.      GLKP
B.      GKLP
C.       HKLP
D.      HKQL
Answer : (B)

             3.  As ‘Hope’ is related to ‘Joy’ , similary ‘Hope-lessness’ is related to …………….
A.      Jealousy
B.      Saadness
C.       Life
D.      Grave
Answer : (B)

            4.  Introducing a man, a lady said, “The father of his father-in-law.” How is the man related to               the lady?
A.      Husband
B.      Son-in-law
C.       Son
D.      Father

Answer : (B)
           5.  Kamal is the son of Sheela. The son of the daughter of kaml’s grand father has only one                   maternal uncle. What relation does this uncle has with sheela ?
A.      Husband
B.      Uncle
C.       Brother- in – law of father
D.      Father

Answer :( B)

            6.  Ravi is heavier than Prakaash but lighter then joy. Prakash is heavier than Ramesh. Biju is               heavier than ramesh. Biju is heavier than Ravi but lighter than Joy. Who is the heaviest ?
A.      Ramesh
B.      Ravi
C.       Prakash
D.      Biju
E.      Joy
Answer : (E)
Order is joy>Biju>Ravi>Prakash>Ramesh
           7.  A,B,C,Dand E are five rivers. A is shorter than B but longer than E. C is the longest and D is a             little shorter than B and a litle longer than A. which is the shortest river ?
A.      A
B.      B
C.       C
D.      D
E.      E
Answer :( D)
Order is C B D A  E
             8.  The sum of the two numbers is 97 and differnce is 37 . find out their product.
A.      2010
B.      8040
C.       2128
D.      1914
Answer :  (A)
             9.   Which of the following is equal to the product of 45 X 25 ?
A.      40X20 + 5X5
B.      45X20+5X5
C.       40X25+5X5+5X5
D.      40X25+25X5
Answer : (D)
              10.   A man offers 2 flowers on even days, 3 flowers on odd days divisible by 3 and offer 2                      extra flowers on the days divisible by 5 , how many flowers did he offer in april 1984?
A.      87
B.      89
C.       55
D.      90
Answer :( C)
  No. of even days in april 1984 = 15
  No. of odd days in april 1984 divisible by 3 = 5
   No. of odd days in april 1984 divisible by 5 = 2(5,25) 15 is already used previously
   Total number of flowers offered= 15X2+5X3+2X+
                                                                = 30+15+10
                                                                = 55
11.The Abbreviation NAEP stands for—
(A) National Atomic Energy Planning
(B) National Adult education Programme
(C) National Authority on Engineering Projects
(D) Nuclear and Atomic Energy Project
Answer : (B)

12.The Abbreviations PSLV stands for—
(A) Polar Survey Landing Vehicle
(B) Polarised Source Laser Viewing
(C) Precise Source Locating Vision
(D) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
Answer : (D)

13. The term ‘epicentre’ is associated with—
(A) Earthquakes
(B)  Tornadoes
(C)   Cyclones
(D) Earth’s interior
Answer : (A)

14. Which of the following order is given to the plantes of solar system on the basis of their sizes?
(A) Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, Mercury
(B) Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Earth
(C) Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn
(D) Earth, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter
 Answer : (A)

15.The solar eclipse occurs when—
(A) the sun comes in between the moon and the earth
(B)  the earth comes in the between the sun and the moon
(C)  the moon comes in between the sun and the earth
(D)  None of these
Answer : (C)

16.The removal of top soil by water or wind is called—
(A) Soil wash
(B) Soil erosion
(C) Soil creep
(D) Silting of soil
Answer : (B)

17.Which of the following is suitable for growing cotton?
(A) Sandy soil
(B) Clayey soil
(C)  Black soil
(D) Alluvial soil
Answer : (C)

18. Bandipur Sanctuary is located in the State of—
(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C)  Karnataka
(D) Madhya Pradesh
Answer : (C)

19.Largest State in terms of area, in India is—
(A) Assam
(B) Rajasthan
(C)Madhya Pradesh
(D)  Jammu and Kashmir
Answer : (C)

20. Koraput is related to which of the following Industry—
(A) Aeroplane
(B) Ship building
(C)  Iron and steel
(D)  Electric locomotives
Answer : (A)

21. Which of the following group of States is the largest producer of tea?
(A)  West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh
(B)  Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan
(C)  Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand
(D)  West Bengal, Assam, Karnataka
Answer : (D)

22. Which of these has the largest river basin?
(A) Brahmaputra
(B)  Ganga
(C) Godavari
(D) Sutlej
Answer : (B)

23.The Indus Valley Civilization was famous for—
(A) Well-planned cities
(B) Efficient civil organization
(C)  Development of Art and Architecture
(D)  All of these
Answer : (D)

24.The Red Fort of Delhi was built by—
(A) Akbar
(B)  Shahjehan
(C)   Jahangir
(D)   Sher Shah
 Answer : (B)

25. The ancient name of the city of Patna is—
(A) Pataliputra
(B) Kanauj
(C)  Kausambi
(D)  Kapilavastu
Answer : (A)

26.The ancient kingdom of “Avanti” had its capital at—
(A) Vaishali
(B)  Kausambi
(C)  Ujjain
(D)  Ayodhya
 Answer : (C)

27.When did Vasco-da-Gama come to India—
(A) 1492
(B) 1498
(C) 1398
(D) 1542
Answer : (B)

28.The General who gave the firing order at Jallianwala Bag was—
(A)  Tegart
(B)  Cornwallis
(C)   Simpson
(D)  O. Dwyer
Answer : (D)

29. Gandhiji started Satyagraha in 1919 to protest against the—
 (A) Rowlatt Act
(B)  Salt Law
(C)  Act of 1909
(D)  Jallianwala Bagh Messacre
Answer : (A)

30. The Britishers come to India as traders and formed company named—
(A) Indo-British Company
(B)  The Great Britain Company
(C)  Eastern India Company
(D)  East India Company
Answer : (D)

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