RRB NTPC -2016 :: Previous Papers Bits Set- 2

RRB NTPC -2016 :: Previous Papers Bits Set- 2
RRB NTPC -2016 :: Previous Papers Bits Set- 2

1. When was Television separated from Akashvani (radio) as an independent organization?
(A) 1959
(B) 1965
(C) 1976
(D) 1982
Answer:  (C)

2. When water condenses into ice
(l) Heat is absorbed
(B)Heat is released
(C)Heat remains unchanged
(D)None of these

Answer:  (B)

3. Which of the following inert gases is not found in atmosphere?
Answer:  (D)

4. Which of the following diffuses at the fastest rate?
(D)None of these
Answer:  (B)

5. What temperature at Celsius scale is equal to 300°K.?
(A) 30°C
(B) 27°C
(C) 300°C
(D)None of these
Answer:  (B)

6. The capital of Pandya dynasty was
Answer:  (C)

7. Tripitak a religious scripture of
Answer:  (C)

8. Who is the writer of ‘Adhe— Adhure’?
(A)Mohan Rakesh
(C)S.K. Tripathi ‘Nirala’
(D)Ashok Vajpayee
Answer:  (A)

9. by which Constitutional amendment, fundamental duties were incorporated in the Indian Constitution?
(A) 42nd
(B) 43rd
(C) 44th
(D) 39th
Answer:  (A)

10. The headquarters of Central Food Technology Research Institute is located in
Answer:  (D)

11. Light Year is used to measure
(A)Intensity of light
(D)Astronomical distance
Answer:  (D)

12. Which of the following is used in the ripening of fruits?
(C)Carbon dioxide
Answer:  (A)

13. Which of the following was’ involved in Alipore bomb case?
(A)Aurobindo Ghosh
(B)P.C. Benerjee
(C)Bipin Chandra Pal
(D)Subhash Chandra Bose
Answer:  (A)

14. The Sikh Guru Arjun Dev was assassinated during the rule of
Answer:  (D)

15. in an organic compound, which element is generally present in addition to hydrogen?
Answer:  (D)

16. the process by which energy is generated in’ the sun is the
(A)Fusion of Uranium
(B)Fusion of Helium
(C)Fusion of Hydrogen
(D)None of these
Answer:  (C)

17. What is the source of electric energy in an artificial satellite?
(A)A mini nuclear reactor
(B)A dynamo
(C)A thermopile
(D)Solar cells
Answer:  (D)

18. Ramanuja preached
(D)The vedas
Answer:  (C)

19. Who did not participate in the revolt of 1857?
(A)Rani Lakshmibai
(B)Bhagat Singh
(C)Tantya Tope
(D)Nana Saheb
Answer:  (B)

20. On October 17, 1940, the individual Satyagraha was inaugurated by
(A)Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(B)Jawaharlal Nehru
(C)M.K. Gandhi
(D)Acharya Vinoba Bhave
Answer:  (D)

21. In which state is Silent Valley located?
(A)Tamil Nadu
(D)Arunachal Pradesh
Answer:  (B)

22. Who decides whether a bill is a Money Bill or not?
(A)Speaker of Lok Sabha
(B)Prime Minister
(D)Parliamentary Committee
Answer:  (A)

23. Solid carbon dioxide is called
(A)Soft ice
(B)Dry ice
(C)White ice
(D)None of these
Answer:  (B)

24. When 1 kg of a liquid is converted from liquid to vapour, the absorbed heat is called (A) latent heat of vaporization.
(B)Latent heat of fusion of ice
(C)Latent heat of sublimation
(D)None of these
Answer:  (A)

25. Product fair and lovely is related to
(A)Rocket Benkisar
(C)P and G
Answer:  (C)

26. In case the President of India decides to resign, he will address his letter of resignation to
(A)Prime Minister
(B)Chief Justice
(C)Speaker of Lok Sabha
Answer:  (D)

27. The metal extracted from Bauxite is
Answer:  (D)

28. They Cyclone represent a position of atmosphere in which
(A)Low pressure in the centre and high pressure around
(B)There is high pressure in the centre and low pressure around
(C)There is low pressure all around
(D)None of these
Answer:  (A)

29. ‘Sea of Tranquility’ is the name given to
(A)Atlantic Ocean
(B)A specific area of Antarctica
(C)A specific area on moon’s surface
(D)None f these
Answer:  (D)

30. Capital of Pallavas was
Answer:  (B)

31. Onam is an important festival of
(A)Tamil Nadu
(C)Andhra Pradesh
Answer:  (B)
32. How much does our body contain water by mass?
(A) 65%
(B) 70%
(C) 60%
(D)None of these
Answer:  (B)
33. What determines the sex of a child?
(A)Chromosomes of the father
(B)Chromosomes of the mother
(C)RH factor of the parents
(D)Blood group of the father
Answer:  (A)

34. The two civilizations which helped in the formation of Gandhara School of Arts are:
(A)Indian and Roman
(B)Indian and Egyptian
(C)Greek and Roman
(D)Indian and Greek
Answer:  (A)

35. ‘Thinkpad’ is a laptop associated with which of the following companies?
Answer:  (A)

36. The first summit of SAARC was held at
(C)New Delhi
Answer:  (D)

37. The wire of flash bulb is made of
Answer:  (C)

38. The curves showing the volume temperature behaviour of gases plotted at different fixed pressures are called
(C)V.T.P. curves
Answer:  (B)

39. Project Tiger was launched in
(A) 1973
(B) 1976
(C) 1978
(D) 1983
Answer:  (A)

40. How many letters in the word TRYST have as many letters between them as in the alphabet?
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4
Answer:  (A)

41. from the alternatives, select the set which is most alike the set (23, 29, and 31).
(A)(17, 21, 29)
(B)(31, 37, 49)
(C)(13, 15, 23)
(D)(41, 43, 47)
Answer:  (D)

42. If “VEHEMENT” is written as “VEHETNEM” then in that code how will you code. “MOURN FUL”?
Answer:  (A)
Answer:  (C)

44. Praduman is older than Janaki; Shreshtha is older than Kshama; Ravindra is not as old as Shreshtha but is older than Janaki. Kshama is not as old as Janaki.  Who is the youngest?
Answer:  (D)

45. in a row of children facing North, Bharat is eleventh from the right end and is third to the right of Samir who is fifteenth from the left end. Total how many children are there in the row?
(A) 29
(B) 28
(C) 30
(D) 27
Answer:  (B)

46. How many such digits are there in the number 57683421, each of which is as far away from the beginning of the number, as they will be when arranged in descending order within the number?
(D)More than three
Answer:  (D)

Directions (47-49): In the following questions there are two words to the left of the sign (::). which are connected in some way. The same relationship exists between the third word and one of the four alternatives under it. Find the correct alternative in each case.

47. Medicine: Sickness: Book:?
Answer:  (A)

48. River: Dam: Traffic: ?
Answer:  (D)

49. Session: Concludes:: ? : Lapses
Answer:  (D)

50. If 16 = 11, 25 = 12, 36 = 15, then 49 =
(B) 20
(C) 19
(D) 17
Answer:  (B)

51. Pick out the stranger in the following:
(A)The Ramayan
(B)The Mahabharata
(C)The Geeta
Answer:  (D)

52. KEATS = 56, SHELLEY = 86, BROWNING =?
(A) 45
(B) 37
(C) 50
Answer:  (D)

53. the difference between the greatest number and the smallest number of 5 digits formed by 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 using all but. Once is:
(A) 32976
(B) 32679
(C) 32769
(D)None of these.
Answer:  (A)

54. Area of a parallelogram whose base is 9 cm and height 4 cm is? Sq cm.
(A) 9
(B) 4
(C) 36
(D) 13
Answer:  (C)

55. The number which is neither prime nor composite is
(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) 3
(D) 2
Answer:  (B)

56. The length of a room is three times its breadth. If the perimeter of the room is 64 cm, then its breadth is? cm.
(A) 64
(B) 32
(C) 16
(D) 8
Answer:  (D)

57. A box contains coins (equal number of every one) of rupee and half rupee, coins of 25 paise, 10 paise 5 paise value, 2 paise value and one paise value. The total value of coins in the box is Rs.1158. Find the number of coins of each value.
(A) 500
(B) 400
(C) 700
(D) 600
Answer:  (D)

58. The area of a rhombus with diagonals 12cm arid 20cm is — sq cm.
(A) 120
(B) 12
(C) 20
(D) 240
Answer:  (A)

59. There are 800 students in a class. On one particular day, if 1 of the students were absent; 10 how many students were present?
(A) 700
(B) 650
(C) 720
(D) 750
Answer:  (C)

60. The quotient in a division sum is 403. The divisor is 100 and the remainder is 58, the dividend is
(A) 40458
(B) 34058
(C) 43058
(D) 40358
Answer:  (D)

61. a labourer was engaged for 25 days on the condition that for every day, he works, he will be paid Rs 2 and for every day, he is absent he will be fined 50 paise.  If he receives only Rs. 37.50, find the number of days he was absent.
(A) 5
(B) 6
(C) 7
(D) 4
Answer:  (A)

62. Which least number should be added to 2600 to make it a perfect square?
(A) 3
(B) 9
(C) 1
(D) 5
Answer:  (C)

63. The unit of radioactivity is
Answer:  (B)

64. When 782 are subtracted from the square of a number, the answer is 6460. What is that number?
(A) 109
(B) 113
(C) 112
(D) 115
Answer:  (C)

65. The difference between 42% and 28% of a number is 210. What will be 59% of that number?
(A) 900
(B) 420
(C) 885
(D)None of these
Answer:  (C)

66. Ellora caves of Maharashtra were built during the rule of
Answer:  (A)

67. The first split in Indian National Congress took place at
Answer:  (A)

68. Gingerisa
(A)Transformed flower
(B)Transformed root
(C)Transformed stem
(D)Transformed leaf
Answer:  (C)
69. The famous Kalinga war was fought near
Answer:  (A)

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