RRB ASM , TT, Goods Guard Important Bits


RRB ASM Goods Guard Important Bits
RRB ASM Goods Guard Important Bits

1. Which one of the following Articles of the Constitution vests the executive power of the Union in the president?

a) Article 51
b) Article 52
c) Article 53
d) Article 54

2. The Constitution of Indian provides for an Election Commission under Article—

a) 321
b) 322
c) 323
d) 324

3. Consider the following statements and state which one of them is correct?

a) Supreme Court of India has only original Jurisdiction
b) It has only original and appellate Jurisdiction
c) It has only advisory and appellate Jurisdiction
d) It has original, appellate as well as advisory Jurisdiction

4. The Framing of the Constitution of India was completed by—

a) January 26, 1950
b) November 26, 1949
c) February 11, 1948
d) None of these

5. Establishment of the panchayati Raj System was recommended by—

a) The Government of India Act 1935
b) The Cripps Mission of 1942
c) The Indian Independence Act 1947
d) Balwant Rai Mehta Committee Report 1957

6. The Guardian of Fundamental Rights is—

a) Judiciary
b) Executive
c) Parliament
d) None of these

7. Which one of the following is not a correct situation of the status of a Central Council of Ministers at the time of the their resignation?

a) President’s rule will be imposed
b) The president will ask to continue till alternative arrangement
c) Alternative arrangement means earliest possible general election to be held to                                   form a new Government
d) Outgoing Council of Ministers may have to hold charge till the formation of new

8. Which one of the following is not an important and permanent constituent in the
Constitutional History of India as adopted in the Government of India Act, 1935?

a) A written Constitution for the country
b) Elected representatives responsible to the legislature
c) Envisaging a scheme of Federation
d) Nomination of official members to the legislature

9. Which one of the following is not concerned with the Panchayats?

a) The State Election Commission will conduct panchayat elections
b) The Constitution (74th Amendment) Act
c) There shall be a fixed five year term for all the Panchayats
d) Fresh elections would have to be held within six months of the dissolution of a Panchayat

10. Which one of the following is Directive principle of the State policy?

a) Uniform Civil Code
b) Freedom of the press
c) Freedom of the Religion
d) Equality before Law

11. In a Parliamentary system of the Government—

a) Judiciary controls Executive
b) Executive controls Judiciary
c) Executive controls Legislature
d) Legislature controls Executive

12. Estimates Committee is constituted from the members of—

a) Both the Houses
b) The Rajya Sabha
c) The Lok Sabha
d) None of these

13. Which one of the following points differentiates the Indian Parliamentary system from the British parliamentary system?

a) Collective Responsibility
b) Judicial Review
c) Bicameral legislature
d) Real and nomination Executive

14. Power of the president to grant pardons etc. is a—

a) Legislative power
b) Judicial Power
c) Executive power
d) None of the above

15. Right to Vote and Right to be elected in India in a

a) Constitutional Right
b) Fundamental Right
c) Legal Right under an Act
d) None of these

16. Which among the following State has the lowest of elected member in the Rajya Sabha ?

a) Chhattisgarh
b) Himachal Pradesh
c) Jharkhand
d) Jammu-kashmir

17. Which one of the following was a leap year?
a) 1300
b) 1100
c) 1900
d) 2000

18. If 450 students take an admission test for joining a navodaya Vidyalaya of which 10% get overage and 20% fail to get through. How many of examinees would get admitted to the school?

a) 310
b) 315
c) 300
d) 410

19. What number will occur at the end of the following series?
13, 23, 34, 46, 59,………?

a) 69
b) 70
c) 72
d) 73

20. If a 36 inches long strip of cloth shrinks to 33 inches after being washed, how many inches long will the same strip remain after washing if it were 48 inches long?

a) 47 inches
b) 44 inches
c) 45 inches
d) 46 inches

21. For natural numbers, the statement (a+b)+c=a+(b+c) is known as—

a) Closure law
b) Commutative law
c) Distributive law
d) Associative law

22. Which of the following number is such that if divided by 13, Yields a remainder of 4 and when divided by 17, it leaves a remainder 11?

a) 654
b) 589
c) 576
d) 760

23. If the code of ABSENT is ZYHVMG, then the code of PRESENT will be—


24. The diagonals of a rhombus are of length 24 cm and 10 cm. The perimeter of the rhombus is—

a) 72 cm
b) 68 cm
c) 56 cm
d) 52 cm

25. If the radius of a circle is increased by 50% then area of the circle will increase by—

a) 50%
b) 75%
c) 100%
d) 125%

26. Which one of the following is different from the below one?

a) Guitar
b) Flute
c) Sarod
d) Veena

27. Frequency polygon can be superimposed on a histogram by joining the—

a) Mid points of the upper side
b) Left end points of the upper side
c) Right end points of the upper side
d) Neither of these

28. The cut point of Less than’ and ‘more than’ cumulative frequency curves corresponds to the—

a) Mean
b) Median
c) Mode
d) Q1

29. From a pack of 52 cards, two cards are drawn. The number of ways that these are one king and one Queen are—

a) 16
b) 12
c) 8
d) 4

30. A batsman in his 17th inning makes a score of 85, and thereby increases his average by 3. His average after 17th inning is—

a) 37
b) 35
c) 33
d) 31

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