RRB ASM, GOODS GUARD Exam-2016 Important Bits.

RRB ASM, GOODS GUARD Exam-2016 Important Bits
RRB ASM, GOODS GUARD Exam-2016 Important Bits
1.   The Multidimensional poverty index of UNDP includes—

a)   8 Indicators
b)  10 Indicators
c)   12 Indicators
d)   14 Indicators

2.   Which one of the following is not an objective of JNNURM?

a)   Urban Electrification
b)   Urban Transport
c)   Development of Heritage areas
d)   Sanitation and Sewage

3.   Which among the following is providing least institutional credit to agriculture and allied activities in recent years?

a)   Commercial Banks
b)  Foreign private Banks
c)   Cooperative Banks
d)   Regional Rural Banks

4.   RBI had set up a committee to study and give suggestions on the microfinance sector. Its Chairman was—

a)  Y.H. Malegam
b)   Abid Hussain
c)   Bimal Jalan
d)   Rakesh Mohan

5.   ‘Hariyali’ is the programme associated with—

a)   Protection of rural environment
b)   Provision of green fodder for animals
c)   A programme of support for watershed management
d)   A private initiation to create rural supply chain

6.   Which among the following institutions regulates the external commercial borrowings?SEBI

a)   Ministry of Finance
b)   Ministry of Commerce
c)   Reserve Bank of India
d)   State Bank of India

7.   Which of the following states is covered under the National Horticulture Mission (NHM)?

a)   Jammu and Kashmir
b)   Arunachal Pradesh
c)   Uttar Pradesh
d)   Himachal Pradesh

8.   By which Constitutional Amendment the voting age was reduced from 21 years to 18 years?

a)   Sixth third Amendment
b)   Sixth Second Amendment
c)   Sixth first Amendment
d)   Sixtieth Amendment

9.   Who presides over the joint session of both the Houses of Parliament?

a)  Speaker
b)   Vice President
c)   President
d)   Prime Minister

10.                Under Article 356 of the Constitution of India, President’s rule was imposed for the first time in—

a)   Uttar Pradesh
b)   Travancore-Cochin
c)   PEPSU
d)   Bihar

11.                The Political parties got the constitutional recognition for the first time in the year

a)   1975
b)   1977
c)   1985
d)   1995

12.                Which one of the following is not a Directive Principle of State Policy?

a)   Prohibition of Liquor
b)   Right to work
c)   Equal pay for equal work
d)  Right to Information

13.                Which one of the following is not a constitutional body?

a)   Union Public Service Commission
b)   Finance Commission
c)   Planning Commission
d)   Election Commission

14.                Which one of the following statements about the president of India is not correct?

a)   He is a constituent part of Parliament
b)  He Participates in the discussion in the two Houses
c)   He address the two Houses at a joint meeting every year
d)   He can promulgate ordinance in certain situations

15.                Which one of the following motions, the Council of ministers in India can move?

a)   No Confidence Motion
b)   Censure Motion
c)   Adjournment Motion
d)  Confidence motion

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