Railway Recruitment Board - 2016 Online Mock Test

Railway Recruitment Board - 2016 Online Mock Test
Railway Recruitment Board - 2016 Online Mock Test
1.   A body strike the floor vertically with a velocity u and rebounds at the same speed. The change of speed would be-
A)   3u      B) Zero     C) u   D) 2u
2.   Which of the following is different from others?
A)   Speed   B) Time    C) Density   D) Force

3.   Momentum has the same unit as that of-
A)   torque B) couple C) impulse D) moment of momentum
4.   What is the momentum of a man of mass 75 kg when he walks with a uniform velocity of 2m/s?
A)  50 kg m/s B) 75 kg m/s C) 100 kg m/s D) 150 kg/s
5.   At the center of the earth, the value of g becomes-
A)   infinity B) unity C) zero D) None of these
6.   Two unequal masses possess the same momentum, then the kinetic energy of the heavier mass is ....................the kinetic energy of the lighter mass.
A)   smaller than  B) greater than C) same as  D) none of these
7.   15 Bulbs of 60 W each, run for 6 hours daily and a fridge of 300 W runs for 5 hours daily. Find the forthrightly bill at the rate of 30 paise per unit.
A)   Rs.31.05 B) Rs.45.55 C) Rs.62.10 D) Rs.75.10
8.   Sheaths are used in cables to-
A)   Provide proper insulation B) Provide mechanical strength C) Prevent ingress of moisture D) None of these
9.   For the stable operation of interconnected system, the passive element that can be used as interconnecting element is
A)   Reactor B) Resistor C) Capacitor D) Resistor and Capacitor
10.                The insulation resistance of a cable of length 10 km is 1MΩ, its resistance for 50 km length will be-
A)   B) 5 MΩ C) 0.2 MΩ D) 10 MΩ
11.                The rate of change of momentum is directly proportional to-
A)   Force B) Inertia C) Moment D) None of these
12.                If four 80 μF capacitors are connected in parallel, the net capacitance is-
A)   20 μF B) 80 μF C) 160 μF D) 320 μF
13.                The transformer used to decrease the magnitude of the alternating voltage is a-
A)   step-up transformer B) step-down transformer C) step-in transformer D) step-out transformer
14.                When two bodies are rubbed against each other
A)   They acquire equal and similar charges
B)  They acquire equal and opposite charges
C)  They acquire unequal and similar charges
D)  They acquire unequal and opposite charges
15.                Lightning is caused in the sky due to the flow of charge between-
A)  two oppositely charged clouds
B)   two similarly charged clouds
C)  one neutral and one charged cloud
D)  None of the these
16.                Which of these converts sunlight directly into electrical energy?
A)  Solar cooker B) Solar cell C) Solar furnace D) Solar water heater
17.                47. Electric charge can flow through-
A)   insulators B) conductors C) both insulators and conductors D) neither conductors nor insulators
18.                The electric current which changes its direction after fixed intervals of time is called-
A)   induced current B) direct current C) alternating current D) None of these
19.             A device used to stabilise the voltage supplied by electric supply station is a-
A)   dynamo B) transformer C) ammeter D) generator
20.                Silver is a
A)   magnetic substance B) good conductor of electricity C) bad conductor of electricity D) none of these
21.                An instrument used to observe heavenly bodies is the-
A)   telescope B) camera C) microscope D) periscope
22.                The maximum percentage in the atmosphere is of
A)   Oxygen B) Nitrogen C) Carbon dioxide D) Helium
23.                What is the function of Ozone layer?
A)   Prevents harmful infra-red rays of the sun from reaching the earth
B)   Prevents radiation escaping the earth, hence keeping it warm
C)  It is essential for rainfall
D)  It filters harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun
24.                In the International system of measurement, the 'Kelvin' is the unit of-
A)   mass B) temperature C) electric current D) air
25.                The Sanchi Stupa was constructed by-
A)   Chandragupta B) Ashoka C) Kunal D) Harshavardhan
26.                The first atomic power plant was started in India at-
A)   Narora B) Tarapur C) Rawat bhata D) None of these
27.                To conserve the eatables we use-
A)   Benzoic acid B) Sodium chloride C) Sodium carbonate D) None of these
28.                The least polluting fuel is-
A)   Hydrogen B) Diesel C) Kerosene D) Coal
29.                Malaria spreads by-
A)   Culex mosquito B) Anopheles mosquito C) Water borne mosquito D) None of these
30.                Heart disease is caused by increase in-
A)   Glucose B) Cholesterol C) Heparin D) Haemoglobin
31.                Which vitamin helps in clotting of blood?
A)   Vitamin B B) Vitamin B2 C) Vitamin K D) Vitamin D
32.                The chief source of energy is-
A)   Vitamin B) Minerals C) Carbohydrate D) Water
33.                The chief centre of learning during lord Buddha era was-
A)   Nalanda B) Delhi C) Varanasi D) Bodh Gaya
34.                Mustard is grown in-
A)   Kharif season B) Rabi season C) Jayad season D) Whole year
35.                In case the posts of President and Vice-President lie vacant, who officiates as the President?
A)   Speaker of the Lok Sabha B) Chief Justice of India C) Attorney General of India D) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
36.                Magnetic needle directs to-
A)   East B) Sky C) North D) West
37.                Lord Buddha got emancipation (Mahapari nirvana) at-
A)   Kushinagar B) Lumbini C) Bodh Gaya D) Kapilvastu
38.                The eddy current loss is directly proportional to
A)  Area of metal B) Volume of metal C) Length of metal D) Weight of metal
39.                Direction of dynamically induced e.m.f is given by-
A)   Lenz's law B) Flemings right hand rule C) Flemings left hand rule D) Cork screw rule
40.                The Rowlatt Act, 1919 empowered the British Government to:
A)   extend the period of imprisonment for Indians
B)   close down any industrial unit at its discretion
C)  release all the political prisoners by 1921

D)  detain a person for any duration without trial

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