Railway History & Polity gk questions and answers

Railway History & Polity gk questions and answers
Railway History & Polity gk questions and answers
1.The famous Kailasa temple cut out of the soild rock at Ellora was built under the patronage of the …

A.      Cholas
B.      Kadambas
C.      Pallavas
D.      Rashtrakutas

Answer : D

2.The first battle of panipat was fought between ………..

A.      Humayun and Shershah
B.      Rana Sanga and Babur
C.      Akbar and Hemu
D.      Ibrahim Lodhi and Babar

Answer : D

3.Ras Leela, yaosang , Lai Haraoba are the festivals of …………….

A.      Assamese people
B.      Karbi people
C.      Manipuri people
D.      Bodo people

Answer : C

4.The poineer of Indian Renaissance was ………….

A.      Swami vivekananda
B.      Swami dayananda Saraswathi
C.      Dadabhai Nauroji
D.      Raja Rammohan Roy

Answer : D
5.The famous ‘Satriya dance’ of Assam got national recognition in the year……….

A.      1999
B.      2000
C.      2001
D.      1998

Answer : C

6.The solar radiation coming to earth is called ………………

A.      Radiant enegry
B.      Insolation
C.      Sunshine
D.      Terrestrial radiation
Answer : A

7.Hailstorms are caused due to …….
A.      Condenastion
B.      Convection
C.      Sublimation
D.      Freezing

Answer : A

8.Heat from the Earth reaches to atmosphere by the process of ……………..

A.      Conduction
B.      Convection
C.      Radiation
D.      All of the above

Answer : D

9.Which river feeds ‘Tehri dam’ ?
A.      Alaknada
B.      Bhagirathi
C.      Gandak
D.      Ghaghara

Answer : B

10.Which one of the folowing winds are known as ‘Anti-trade winds’ ?

A.      Chinook
B.      Cyclones
C.      Typhoons
D.      Westerlies

Answer :  D

11.Which of the following is not stated in the preamble of the Indian Constitution?

A.      Justice
B.      Fraternity
C.      Adult franchise
D.      Equality of status

Answer :C

12.In framing the constitution of India, from which country did we borrow the scheme of the federal set up
A.      USA
B.      UK
C.      Canada
D.      Switzerland

Answer : C

13.Who among the following was not a member of the constituent assembly set up in july 1946?

A.      Dr.Rajendra Prasad
B.      K.M.Munshi
C.      Mahatama Gandhi
D.      Abul Kalam Azad


14. Who Presides Over the Joint session of the two houses of the parliament?

                A.    President Of india
                B.    Speaker Of Lok Sabha
                C.    Prime Minister
                D.    Leader Of Ruling Party


15.Which Article Of The Constitution Of India Accords Special Status To The State Of Jammu And Kashmir?

                A.     324                B.  311                   C.   370                  D.    356


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