Quest For English :: Close Test For SBI SO, IBPS SO Exams.

Direction(1-10):- In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

Once upon a time in Mumbai, I was present at Teachers' Day function that delivered a ...(1)... lesson to both the management and the teaching staff. When the gifts were unwrapped and the teachers found stainless steel tiffin boxes, a section of them ...(2)...:"Does this mean we do more
cooking and have less time for reading, researching and updating ? Is it a reminder that our primary place is the kitchen ?" They said they preferred a field trip. If accepting gifts is tough, choosing is much ...(3).... So, You set ...(4)... cash, time and effort to meet a gifting need and often end up feeling ...(5)... that it may not be the right one. How do I know ...(6)... won't be ...(7)... to a shelf-back or worse, re-cycled ? The joy of choosing for some one you love doesn't entirely take away the stress of finding the "perfect gift", does it ? Well Face bookers, be reminded-you can get together on your Facebook walls and buy on another gifts. Wrapp, an app that runs on smart phones or tablets etc, lets Face book friends buy gift cards from participating retailers individually or by teaming up, store them in mobiles and ...(8)... them either online or at physical stores. "E-commerce platforms are becoming ...(9)... more social with the ...(10)... of comments, recommendations and purchase history from each person's social graph.

1.            A) Reasonable B) upright           C) intense           D) startling     E) impair

2.            A) exploded    B) invigorate     C) moderated   D) favoured       E) redeemed

3.            A) rusty               B) more             C) ever                                 D) than                                E) has

4.            A) deprave         B) rouse              C) aside              D) manly            E) heed

5.            A) uneasy         B) real                 C) unreal             D) stout               E) revengeful

6.            A) creditable     B) benevolent   C) it                      D) have                E) you

7.            A) haul                                 B) resist               C) enfold             D) atrocious      E) confined

8.            A) yield                                B) adorn              C) uncouth         D) redeem        E) preserve

9.            A) comely          B) amity              C) inherently                 D) towering       E) hampering

10.          A) inclusion    B) rampage        C) plunder          D) intrinsic        E) facade

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