Test For Clerk :: Practice Model Paper For IBPS Clerk Mains

Test For Clerk :: Practice Model Paper For IBPS Clerk Mains
Test For Clerk :: Practice Model Paper For IBPS Clerk Mains  


5     348  564    689    716  780          788

(1) 716                                                                 (2) 788 

(3) 348                                                                 (4)689  

(5) 780

444  2224   1114   556   281.5   142.75   73.375

(1)2224                                                                (2) 2815

(3) 1114                                                               (4) 556

(5) 14275

A 320 meter long train crosses a platform thrice its length in 40 seconds. What is the speed of the train in km/hour?

(1) 120.6                                                              (2) 115.2  

(3) 108.4                                                              (4) Cannot be determined 

(5) None of these

Directions :Study the following information carefully to answer the question that follow.

A committee of five members is to be formed out of 4 students, 3 teachers and 2 sports coaches. In how many ways can the committee be formed if -
The committee should consist of 2 students, 2 teachers and 1 sports coach?

(1)256                                                                  (2)64 
(3)9                                                                      (4)36 
(5)None of these

Any five people can be selected?

(1)126                                                                  (2)45  
(3)120                                                                  (4)24  
(5) None of these

In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘LEASE’ be arranged?

(1) 240                                                                 (2) 120 
(3) 25                                                                   (4) 60  
(5) None of these

The Price of clock imported from Switzerland was Rs. 1200, Due to devaluation of rupee, it’s value increased to 2100.What is the % increase in the price of the clock due to devaluation of rupee?

(1) 25%                                                                (2) 50%
(3) 75%                                                                (4) 100%
(5) None of these.


1.In a class of 60, where girls are twice that of boys, Kamal ranked seventeenth from the top. If there are 9 girls ahead of Kamal, how many boys are after him in rank?
1. 7                                                                        2. 12
3.  23                                                                     4.  26
5.  16

2. raghui is 8 ranks ahead of Divya who ranks twenty-sixth in a class of 42. What is raghu’s rank from the last?
1. 9th                                                                    2.  24th
3. 25th                                                                  4.  34th
5.  None of these

Input and out put:

Input: ray 74 took mean 97 84 65 72 ever date 67
Step I: date ray 74 took mean 84 65 72 ever 67 97
Step II: date ever ray 74 took mean 65 72 67 97 84
Step III: date ever mean ray took 65 72 67 97 84 74
Step IV: date ever mean ray took 65 67 97 84 74 72
Step V: date ever mean ray took 65 97 84 74 72 67
Step VI: date ever mean ray took 97 84 74 72 67 65
And step VI is the last step of the above arrangement. As per the rules followed in the given steps, find out the appropriate steps for the given input.

Input: app is ox 32 87 ever shoe 72 69 96 66

3.Which of the following would be the last but one step?

1) is ox 32 app 87 ever shoe 72 69 96 66
2) app ever is ox shoe 32 96 72 87 69 66
3) app ever is ox shoe 32 66 96 87 72 69
4) app is ox shoe 32 ever 66 96 87 69 72
5) Other than given options

4.Which word/number would be at the seventh position from the left in step IV?

1) ever
2) app
3) 66
4) is
5) ox

5.Which word/number would be in the middle in step II of the above input?

1) app
2) 96
3) ox
4) 69
5) 32

6.Which of the following words/numbers would be third to the left of '32' in step V?

1) is
2) ever
3) ox
4) shoe
5) 32

7.How many steps will be required to complete the above input?

1) Four
2) Five
3) Six
4) Seven
5) Eight

Rc passage

A pioneering scheme has been started recently in Southampton on England’s south coast to educate motorists who have been convicted of drunken driving.
          The penalty for drunken driving might be the loss of driving licence and a heavy fine,but under the new scheme,convicted drivers do not pay the fine.instead they have to attend eight training sessions-one a week-organised by local authority probation service.Designed to demonstrate the damage alcohol can do,the scheme was devised by senior probation officer Jhon cook.He said about a quarter of the people who came to him had a drink problem,but had not realised how much they were drinking.one way of getting the message across was to make the drivers pour out their usual ration of alcohol- and them measure it.
          Almost everyone pours out not a single measure but a double at least – an example of how it is to have more than “just one drunk” and to encourage other people to do the same. The instructors on the course are giving clinically evidence of the effects of alcohol on the body and brain. The sober truth is that drunk badly affects driving skills, although the drinker might like to believe otherwise.

1). The Southampton Scheme requires convicted drivers         
    A)  To pay a heavy fine
    B)  To attend eight driving sessions - one a week
    C)  To undergo probation service
     D) To surrender their driving licence

2). Jhon Cook devised the Scheme
   A) As a demonstration technique for driving
   B) To demonstrate the harm full effects of alcohol
   C) To show that south – ampton was concerned about drivers
    D) To prove that alcohol does not influence  driving

3) The Problem with a quarter of the people who went to Jhon Cook was that they
    A) Did not want to stop drinking
    B) Were unaware of the fact That they could get drunk
    C) Would not admit that they had a drinking problem
    D) Did not know - how much they were drinking

4). Most Drivers start off with at least
    A) A double measure
    B) A single Measure
    C) A little less than a single measure
    D)  Two doubles

5). The Truth is that alcohol
    A) Does not effect the body but only the brain
    B) Affects only the brain
    C) Affects the body and brain
    D) Has no effect on the body or the brain

ANSWERS:    1) C       2) B    3) D          4) A   5) C

Cheek if, Text written in bold needs to be changed.

Lift the handset only after paid a one rupee coin.
A.   Paying a one rupee coin.
B.   You pay one rupee coin.
C.   Pay one rupee coin.
D.   You paid one rupee coin.

Answer: A

Good life, according to many people, is to making more and more money.
A.   Is making
B.   Is made
C.   Are made
D.   Are making

Answer: A

A master should never impose his servants too much work.
A.   His servants with too much work.
B.   Too much work with his servants.
C.   Too much work on his servants.
D.   Too much work for his servants.

Answer: C

What does matter most is the quality and not the quantity.
A.   What matter does.
B.   What does matter it
C.   That matter
D.   What matters

Answer: D

He would be like to have some ice-cream.
A.   Would like to
B.   Would be liked to
C.   Was to be liking to
D.   Would  being liked to

Answer: A

Not knowing the language and had no friends in the country, he found it impossible to get job.
A.   Has no
B.   With having
C.   With having not
D.   Having no

Answer: D

She will not attend the meeting until she is asked to.
A.   Except
B.   Even with
C.   Even expect
D.   Unless

Answer: D

Because of his smart work, he is in the best books of the employer.
A.   In the better books
B.   In the good books
C.   In the good book
D.   Into the good books

Answer: B

Most of time strangers have helped in critical situations.
A.   Many a time
B.   At a time
C.   More of time
D.   At old period

Answer: A

The reality that India needs a strong, efficient and competitive aviation sector.
A.    What India needs
B.   That India need
C.   Therefore India need
D.   No correction required.

Answer: D


A data warehouse is which of the following?
a.    Can be updated by the end users
b.    Contains numerous naming conventions and formats
c.    Organized around important subject areas
d.   Contains only current data

Answer: c
…………………. Servers store and manages files for network users.
a.    Authentication
b.    Main
c.    Web
d.   File

Answer: d
All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks Except …………
a.    Hackers
b.    Spam
c.    Viruses
d.   Identify theft

Answer: b
The OSI model is divided into………….. processes called layers.
a.    Five
b.    Six
c.    Seven
d.   Eight

Answer: c
…………. Are specially designed computer chips reside inside other devices, such as your car or your electronic thermostat.
a.    Servers
b.    Embedded computers
c.    Robitic computers
d.   Mainframes

Answer: b
The following are all computing devices, except……………..
a.    Notebook computers
b.    Celluar telephones
c.    Digital scanners
d.   Personal digital assistants

Answer: c
In a ring topology. The computer in possession of the ……………. Can trasmit data.
a.    Packet
b.    Data
c.    Access method
d.   Token

Answer: d
……………….. viruses are often transmitted by a floppy disk left in the floppy drive
a.    Trojan horse
b.    Boot sector
c.    Script
d.   Logic bomb

Answer: b
Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a …………..
a.    Mainframe
b.    Network
c.    Supercomputer
d.   Client

Answer: b
A proxy is used for which of the following?
a.    To provide security against unauthorized users
b.    To process client requests for web pages
c.    To provide TCP\IP
d.   None of these

Answer: b

1)   Who is the cricketer to dispatch cricket comic arrangement 'hyper tygers'

2)   Which University Reports Apj Abdul Kalam Fellowship For Indian Understudies?

3)   Wto Affirmed Afghanistan's Participation Terms To Join As
Answer : 163RD PART

4)   Who as appointed as Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)?
Answer : R.K. MATHUR

5)   Who Are Launched The 6th All India Survey On Higher Education(AISHE)
Answer : Union Minister of Human Resource Development Zubin Irani

6)   National Mathematics Day observed on which date ?
Answer : 22 December 2015

7)   10th WTO Ministerial Conference held at?

8)   Which crickter has recently announced his Retirement?

9)   Who Has Won 2015 Bbc Sports Personality Of The Year Award

10  )How much of amount Swachh Bharat cess garners in 1 month ?
Answer : Rs. 329 crore



difference between the numbers 343 , 216 , 125 ,

series is 1/2 + 2 ,1/2 + 2 ,1/2 + 2 .....

Required Speed = (320 + 3*320)/40 = 32 m/s
It will convert into the km/hr = 32/5X18 = 115.2 km/hr

4C1 X 3C2 X 2C1 = 36

9C5 = 126

5!/2! = 60.

(2100-1200)/1200 * 100 = 75%




Here words are arranged in alphabetical order, while
numbers in descending order from the right side.

Input: app is ox 32 87 ever shoe 72 69 96 66
Step I: app ever is ox 32 87 shoe 72 69 66 96
Step II: app ever is ox shoe 32 72 69 66 96 87
Step III: app ever is ox shoe 32 69 66 96 87 72
Step IV: app ever is ox shoe 32 66 96 87 72 69
Step V: app ever is ox shoe 32 96 87 72 69 66
Step VI: app ever is ox shoe 96 87 72 69 66 32

3.5; app ever is ox shoe 32 96 87 72 69 66

4. 3

5. 5

6. 1

7. 3

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