Daily Vocabulary Practice set - 16

Daily Vocabulary Practice set - 16
Daily Vocabulary Practice set - 16 
Agitation : (n) moving
Example : there was a wide spread agitation for social reform.
              Some unions are agitating for higher pay.

Alliance (n) : relationship
Example : Relief workers in alliance with local charities are trying to help the famine victims.
              They are seeking an early decision on marriage alliance.

Crucial (adj) : decisive, critical
Example : Winning this contract is crucial to the success of company.
              The work of vivekananda is crucial for moral upliftment of the youth.

Glory (n) : fame
Example : it is in the hands of new generations to bring back our past glory.
              We always think of our past glory when we are empty in the present.

Summon : call
Example : He was summoned to appear before the magistrate.
              The court issued summons to the eye witness.

Integrate : make into one whole
Example : We are looking for the people who can integrate with a team.
              India being a multilingual country, English is the only deciced that can integrate people of different parts.

Exterminate : expel, root out
Example : Craze for nuclear weapons result in the total extermination of human race.
             This is the product of poison to exterminate moles and rats.

Assassinate : a political murder
Example : The Prime Minister survived a number of assassination attempts.
               After His Death They Tried to assassinate his name (character assassination).

Invoke :  pray to , beg
Example : He invoked law to safeguard his rights.
              He invoked the grace of the almighty.

Wrath : violent
Example : " If you do not change your behavior you will see the wrath of your father." Mother child her son.

              He failed to sustain his wrath.   

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