IBPS English Passage Practice Set

Honey Bees Make their own hives in hollow trees, or they use the hives that men make for them.
  In each hive, there are worker bees who make the honey-comb but of wax and others who guard the beehive and collect food. There is a queen who lays an egg in each cell of the honey comb.
                The young bees are fed on nectar and pollen. Honey is made in the bodies of the worker bees from the nectar and pollen of flowers.
                Every year the old queen leaves the hive and she is followed by a ‘swarm’ of bees.
1.Honey bees normally live:
(a) on trees                                                                        (b) in houses
(c) In hives                                                                          (d) on roofs
2.The Queen bee:
(a) rules the other bees                                                                (b)feeds on the other bees
(c)trains the worker bees                                             (d) lays the eggs
3. The honey-comb is made out of:
(a) nectar                                                                            (b) Flowers
(c)Wax                                                                                  (d)Sugar
4.Honey is made by:
(a) Working men                                                              (b) worker bees
(c) men in Hives                                                                                (d)Queens
5.Which Of the following titles would be most suitable for the passage?
(a) The Queen                                                                   (b) Honey bees
(c) Insects                                                                           (D) Worker Bees


1)C         2)D         3)C         4)B         5)B
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