IBPS Clerk 2015: English Passage Practice Set-6

Birds are alike in many ways.Because they all have Backbones. They are all vertebrates.they all have two legs and two wings. They all have lungs and are warm blooded.This means that their bodies are warm even when the weather is cold.all birds have feathers
There are Many different kinds of birds.some like the ostrich, are taller and heavier than a man. Some are very small, Like the humming-bird. Many birds can fly very well. Swallows and ducks are excellent flyers. Some birds cannot fly at all. The penguin’s wings cannot lift him off the Ground.
1.According to the passage, all birds are vertebrates because they have:
(a) feathers                                                        (b)two legs and two wings
(c)backbones                                                     (d)warm blood
2.When a Bird is alive and well, its body is:
(a)cold                                                                  (b)warm
(c)light                                                                  (d)heavy
3. One very large bird mentioned in the passage is the:
(a) penguin                                                         (b)humming-bird
(c)swallow                                                          (d)ostrich
4. According to the Passage, the humming-bird:
(a) sings beautifulluy                                      (b)can fly very high
(c) is very small                                                 (d)can fly very well
5. A penguin cannot:
(a) fly in cold weather                                    (b)stay on the ground
(c)fly very well                                                  (d)fly at all


1)C         2)B         3)D         4)C         5)D
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